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We provide high quality tested equipment to Banks, Retailers, Government Offices, Cash in Transit and multi-national companies throughout the world. Robur Safe is a family owned business, founded in Gothenburg and has been protecting our customers’ assets since 1970. Robur Safe has a business philosophy to develop, manufacture, test and market security products with a focus on the best available physical security using the most up to date materials and innovative design. We
manufacture everything from a safe to hold valuables and documents in a home or small office environment, through to the highest grade
demountable vault with the best defences against the most modern methods of attack such as high explosive and diamond core drills. Major banking and financial institutions rely on Robur to protect their assets on a day to day basis. Robur Safe’s headquarters is located in Falkenberg on the West coast of Sweden. We have a presence in over 50 countries, with four subsidiary companies trading in Europe.

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